About Me.

Who is Rudolf Brenyah?

Rudolf Okyere-Brenyah, also known as Mr. High-Definition, is an author, award-winning digital entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker who is on a mission to inspire people and help them find their true purpose in life. A compelling orator with a natural gift for getting to the heart of his clients’ inhibitions, Rudolf takes pride in helping people unshackle their inner greatness. Born in Amsterdam to Ghanaian parents, he relocated at age 11 to London with his family. He has a knack for guiding people toward their purpose and helping them reach their full potential. Drawing influence from entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and spiritual leaders, he is highly effective as a speaker, getting at the heart of whatever it is that is holding his clients back.

After going through school, including university, Rudolf found himself stuck, being unemployed and broke for three years. He was scraping by on the small income he brought in by playing football. He was depressed over long stretches of time, and hitting rock bottom, he decided to make a bold move, launching his own media company, Unashamed TV, in 2015.

At the time, he was only 23 years old, but he was hungry and determined to make his business work. In late 2016, he discovered his personal passion and that was to inspire and motivate people to become all that they were created to be. Driven forward by an entrepreneurial fire within himself, he started recording himself with his smartphone the series which is now known as the “Be Inspired series”.

Be Inspired is all about teaching people how to unlock their passion and share their gifts with the world. In the series, Rudolf presented short videos intended to motivate people on his social media accounts. Gaining credibility from this series, he has since taken on speaking engagements at high schools, colleges, and universities, which attracted the attention of newspapers and business websites.

In the course of his football career, Rudolf was cheated and lied to by disreputable agents. It was these tough experiences that helped him to develop his mental strength and grow a thicker skin. Today, he plays semi-professional football in addition to his main career as an Inspirational speaker and a digital entrepreneur. He has read hundreds of books and attended many seminars, accruing wisdom, knowledge, and experience that he now shares every day. At the centre of all that he does, his faith and never giving up on himself attitude is what has brought him this far, which he credits to the Bible.

If you or your organisation is ready to move on from all your blocks and become the best version of yourself, Rudolf can help you. He knows how to face fear and accept pain, and he is eager to help anyone who is struggling. Rudolf is known for his phrase “Be Inspired today” this is the influence he wants to leave on people everyday.